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Lite puter EDX 1212A


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Hi all , I need Lite puter EDX 1212A in Dimmer mode rather than Switching mode , I tried each and every possible step according to its manual but Dimmer/ Switching box is stuck in Switching mode , one more thing that the manual says to adjust some hardware jumpers settings inside but the physical inside is different from explains by manual, any suggestions? 




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On page 19 of the manual it tells you to press Function key and press up ^ which is also 1 key or press down v which is also 2 key until you see F6. Then press MEM key , then press Right arrow > which is 5 key or Left arrow < which is also 6 key to set the channel you want to change the Mode of, then press Up ^ 1 key or Down v 2 key to select switching or dimming. It is a software or menu function, not a hardware switch function.


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Hi Allen , I surly done all these what advice but nothing happening, and by the way what are these instructions on the manual, please have a look below ⬇️69FCBB5E-3929-4629-A7DD-E925EF0DF91D.thumb.png.eecfd1271d6f3ba3da69f6ca9bc6b1a3.pngNone of the describe hardware is present there, please check my previous upload pics .

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That image you posted describes setting up the dimmer with fluorescent lighting ballasts that can dim? The unit becomes a DMX to analogue controller...

To change the channel function from switch to dim - you probably need to use the internal menu. I've come across less than 1 dimmer that has jumpers inside to switch between dim/switch.

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The page 12 of the manual you show is for an EDX1212. The picture you show is the same as the picture on the front cover of the manual I attached to my post, it has the model number EDX1212A. Different instructions for different models.

In the EDX1212A manual on page 11 it states The DC10V output has been changed DC 0V (ON) and 10V (OFF) when the channel output have been setting on "SWITCH" by software. 

There is an error in the manual on page 20, it says to select F6 but the picture shows F7:CH DIM/SWIT so you need to select F7 NOT F6. This matches the Mode menu of page 12 which shows F7 Dimming/switching setting.

Hope that solves your problem.

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