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Having Issues With My Zero 88 Light Master XL

Robert Williamson

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On 11/15/2021 at 8:58 PM, Robert Williamson said:

I am Having Issues With My Zero 88 Light Master XL

When I power on My Zero 88 Light Master XL only channel 1-7 have the channel lights lit even if the the A &B Preset and Master Faders are all down to 0

Would you have any suggestions?


When did you last have the internal battery changed? Whilst probably the second most indestructible desk in the old Zero88 range - Lightmasters don't age well if their internal battery isn't kept track of and changed as it fails because the battery eats the PCB tracks it's mounted on. 😞

If you'd like to eMail me at ian at serviceguy dot co dot uk (done to prevent me getting more nigerian relatives finding me :P ) then I have a scanned copy of the manual for the internal tests that will let you check the analogue encoders in the desk but I suspect it's likely to be the battery - in 20 odd years, I've never had to repair and XL for anything else.

eMail for the test procedure & try that but I suspect that it might be a portent of bad news 😞


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