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Advice on buying some budget, compact movers


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Our venue's programming is gradually including more and more live music. We already have 4 Prolight Diamond 19cc Washs and 4 Prolight Jetspot 4z's that stay in the rig, that do most of the work.

However, one of our booked bands brought in some additional tiny little movers the other night that were placed around stage on the deck. I was sceptical at first, but just for tight beam movemenet effects through the haze, they were really effective.

I'm now looking into getting something similiar for the venue, as ever though, our budget is almost maxed out for the year.


What would be you suggestions for some extremely budget small spot movers, to simply support our main rig for effects? I was looking at something along the lines of the Equinox Fusion Spot Max MkII or the Fusion Spot XP

Thank you for any help you can give


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30W/50W LED, 13 degree beam - I think you will probably find they aren't bright enough to be seen against your other lights which are much more powerful. What were the fixtures that the band brought? If you can find a beam-type fixture you would get away with a lower power source.
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