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JB Systems DSP dimmer stuck on


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Hi all


I am wondering if anyone here has any knowledge or experience of JB Systems lighting Control?


I have a 14 year old fixed install with 2no. JB Systems DSP 12 dimmer packs. The packs are a mixture of HOT & DIM modules.

For the last while, the unit has been stuck on the "ON" position with no external control possible.

We cannot control anything and it seems like it is stuck in a panic mode. This is across the unit and not specific to any particular channel.

The unit controls some gallery lighting and it controlled via LonBus on the analogue input. DMX is not in this equation.

This unit is also integrated into a DALI controlled system which triggers other worklight as part of a pre-programmed set up.


I have worked out that the issue lies with the control module. You can swap this out very easily and through some basic fault finding, I have found the culprit.


I have since given this to an electronics company who serviced this unit before but they are drawing a blank as where the issue lies.


Does anyone have any guidance or experience of this gear or could point in a right direction.

I am at the stage where I would buy a 2nd hand control module if it was cheap enough...!



Many thanks




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A common cause of a stuck (on) channel is a shorted TRIAC.


If I understand correctly he's got all 24 channels stuck on though and has identified the control module is at fault, which sounds about right if all the channels are on.

Have you tried contacting JB systems for help, they're based in Belgium https://jb-systems.eu/aboutus/



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