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Soundcraft LX7ii - Group Channel Down


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Hey all,


When I route audio to groups 1-2, Channel 2 of the 1-2 group has no audio coming through and the LEDs are not lighting up.


Are the group channels easy to replace?


I've heard that the entire "Master Section" is on one PCB.

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Hi Spyan,


The LX7 is not an easy desk to repair, since you're right - there are just 3 huge PCBs. To get one out you have to pull all the knobs off. If I had to guess, the problem could be:


- A group insert jack not connecting (internal break contacts)

- A group fader knackered

- a op-amp in that group section blown, through something nasty having been plugged into a group insert


Do you have a schematic? PM me if you're stuck. Respectfully, if you're not used to working on very fine PCB tracks carrying surface mount components, I'd leave it to someone with the relevant experience. Better to work around the subgroups than have a completely broken desk.


Good luck, Pete.

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Hi Pete,


OK - thanks very much for your advice.


I do have the schematics, but as I do not have a huge amount of experience with fine PCB solder, I'm going to need to find someone in Bristol / Somerset area who can fix it for me.


I have had this desk for years. Sold it to someone, and after a day, it broke. He said that there were some pops coming through the master out when the fader was DOWN.


Which makes me feel the fader may be the first place to look.

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