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An offer for the Summer


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In the UK the 21st June was to be freedom day. The day targeted for all venues to open up to full capacity. The UK Government has decided to delay this for a further month to get as many people over the age of 18, vaccinated.


We know once restrictions are lifted that the demand for Live Music will be huge once more and potentially bigger than before the pandemic. The US is opening up for shows ahead of the rest of the world. Ticket demand is high, quickly sold-out shows for June, July and beyond are the norm. We have all been starved of live music for a very long time!


BRPT interfaces with many industry groups, not only here in the UK , but worldwide. The live events production industry has two main concerns.


Firstly, that during the pandemic, a number of workers have left the industry out of financial necessity or retirement. With no work, young people have not had the training to replace them. The industry faces a skills gap. There has never been a better time to train to get into the industry.


The second concern is that existing live events production workers are anxious about their return to work after such a long gap.


It has been an incredibly tough time, for all, especially financially, for those in the industry and for those wanting to start in the industry


We have taken the decision to play our part in helping our struggling industry to get back to work successfully, to discount all of our recently released online courses by 50% until 31st August 2021.


If you wish to get into the industry, this big discount applies to our full LSF or LSI courses and to our wide range of individual subject-specific lectures for existing sound engineer or audio techs wishing to brush up their skills and knowledge in certain areas.


BRPT has always been dedicated to the improvement of skills and knowledge in live audio and to the wellbeing of the industry and those who work in it and now more than ever in these tough times.


To take advantage of our offer, visit our website and use our discount code BRPTSUMMER50 on your chosen course.



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