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Charger for the Stand R120 handheld remote control


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Hello, I have a WIFI remote control (R120 Remote) for the Strand 520i console. I also have the associated receiving unit. Now I want to charge the remote control but don't have a charger, can someone tell me which charger I can use 12V or 5V xxx mA?


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I have just dug out my wireless R120 which I bought and have never used. In the box there were two power supplies. One is clearly for the receiver which is clearly labelled 12 volts.


The other is a 9 volt supply which fits the R120. The rechargeable battery in the unit is a 4.8 volt NiCd package.


The first thing I did was to very carefully open the R120 and replace the CR2032 button cell.


To open the case, carefully release the two clips that hold the aerial and power connector and pull them free. Remove the six screws and very, very carefully separate the shells. Then even more carefully separate the circuit boards, noting the way the pins register. In mine the radio frequency board was held in with two zip-ties which I cut to get access the button cell. Consider replacing the zip-ties.


Check that the 4.8 volt NiCd is not leaking electrolyte. If you disconnect it, note that the red wire is furthest away from the PCB. The connector socket is not polarised.


Reassemble carefully, making sure that the pin connectors are fully seated and the circuit board is located on the small white pillars on the screw holes.


Charge for 12 hours according to the Strand leaflet which is visible on the web.


Mine has just started to charge and I will let you know how I get on.


Regards, Alan.

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Hello Alan,


thanks for the quick answer, I carefully disassembled the remote control, I would never have thought that there was still a button cell, I changed it right away.The 4.8 V battery still looks good. Unfortunately I don't have a 9v power supply or a 12V power supply for the receiver. The 9V power supply must have a certain milli Ampere?


I have now found a 9V power supply from a DMX merger. I will still order a new battery pack.

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Note to open the receiver and check that the radio frequency circuit board is properly seated. Mine wasn’t!!


The software setup is found at Report >> Adv Setup >> Consol Setup


The line should read:

Handheld Remote 1 R120 Radio Local 2AUX1 9K6 8-N-1 ___0 ___1 Off


The ___0 ___1 refers to the channel number of the remote handset.


As soon as you switch the handheld on it will state its channel number – 1 is the default. You can change it using the number keys in the first 3 seconds from switching on. Just leave the unit to stop displaying the channel if the number is OK.


Plug the unit into AUX 1 and use the setting above. As soon as you move away from the software settings line the display on the remote will burst into life.


Further instructions at: https://www.theatrecrafts.com/archive/documents/R120.pdf

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