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Advice needed - Studiospares 2.4ghz radio mic

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Hi folks


I have 2 sets of the Studiospares 2.4ghz radio mic sets with the metal rack mount receivers (2 receivers per case) - one with the 2 stick mics and one with 2 lavs.


There seems to be quite a drastic noise gate on the transmitters which is fine if you're using the stick mics on stage but I am finding with the lavs, on quiet sounds, the audio does not 'trigger' at all. I wanted to use these for wedding live streams so have one lav on the groom and the other on the vicar. The vicar and groom are fine but when the bride speaks, because she is quieter due to the distance, the audio remains muted.


From what I can tell there is no adjustment for this - these are my first digital mics as previously had Sennheiser EW110's which I am starting to regret selling. Is this gating normal for digital mics or maybe they are faulty? Any ideas welcome please!

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Is this gating normal for digital mics or maybe they are faulty?

The fact that they're digital is irrelevant. Some radio mics do have dynamics processing akin to gating - I imagine it might be useful in very specific circumstances but it's certainly not something I'd want to use. I seem to recall Line6's digital radio mics have a similar feature but from my experience it's not useful so I've always disabled it.

The fact that they're very cheap might have more of a bearing on the quality than the fact that they're digital.

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