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Mysterious Scent Generator


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It's not the scent that's mysterious, it's the generator.



I wonder if anyone has ever come across one of these:




I can't find anything about it on the web and the people who made it, Fragrance Systems, a french company, don't seem to exist any more.

The lid opens up and there are what look like three water-baths in the body of it. I have no idea what exactly you'd have put in them and there aren't any controls.

If anyone has any information, I'd be grateful to receive it.

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Apologies, Clive, for not answering you sooner. I don't seem to be getting notification of replies to my post.


Dan, (see above), has found the manual for it, but here is a picture of the inside, for the record:




You can see where the cartridges would go.







Any pictures of the inside? The compact fan units sometimes used wicks or granules for the aroma.


The more industrial units tend to use a venturi atomising system.


Thanks Dan,

Well found! I'd done a lot of googling without finding anything.

My one is subtly different, in that it doesn't appear to have any controls. I'm going to get in touch with pr-electronic and I'll post here if I find out anything useful.




A bit of crawling around of Google reveals this Link to User Manual



It seems to be from a German company - pr-electronic. Not sure if these units are just re-badged for different countries or if they're just a reseller.


Hope it's of some help.

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I've a had a good correspondence with the company that makes them and it does appear that my one has been specially adapted in the way that Clive suggests.

This range is about to be superseded, but the cartridges will be the same - I might get one to see how well my machine works.



Thank you Clive and Dan for helping with this.



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