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Socially distanced Superstar at Regents Park


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We had a family trip to Regents Park at the weekend to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" for my wife's birthday. On the whole we were impressed with the way they handled the social distancing with every other row left empty and the seats in the gaps were strapped closed (to the annoyance of some families who had two blocks of two and wanted to sit closer together). It is difficult to insist that masks should be worn in the auditorium when people are taking their drinks in with them. Of course all the social distancing went out the window as everyone rushed to the exit having removed their masks after 90 minutes of the show.


we were expecting it to much more of a concert style performance but it was a full blown all singing all dancing production. We noticed that nobody shared mics and that any props were handled differently if more than one person used them - for example Judas's box of silver was carried on using its handles and left open. Judas then kicked it shut and it was taken off by picking it up from the bottom. The 39 lashes sequence was innovative but lacked something by having Jesus restrained by a very long mic cable instead of being more physically restrained.


I did have to stifle a laugh when I realised why one of the mic stands had been knocked over and abandoned downstage and everyone had to step around it (until somebody gave it a little nudge with their foot to get it into the right position).


It was great to get back and see live theatre despite all the problems flung up by the social distancing. Well done everyone involved at Regents Park.


Shame about all the numpties on public transport . . .

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