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LED technology- what’s coming?


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LED lighting has changed a lot in the past decade or so, but the DMX T bar system I was looking to buy a pair of (as a starter setup) has been on sale for 5 years now, so it’s a relatively old design, even though it uses COB lights. It’s £300-350 for a 4 light bar.


Is there newer, or brighter tech coming soon? I’m looking for something I can light a small stage show with (Comedy) use for a party or band, or light a small video with, so colour and a decent white are both important. I wouldn’t want to buy something now and then see it replaced with some amazing new tech in a few months.

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I don't expect much fundamental change in LED technology.


Cheaper, yes due to mass production.


Better dimming at low levels, yes due to improved control circuits.


Better colour, yes a bit but mixing say 7 colours is always to cost more than 3.


More efficient, yes as old stock works it way through the supply chain. LED lamps are available right now with 200 lumens per watt efficiency, and improvements much beyond that seem unlikely.




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