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Opinion on alternative powercon brands


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We recently bought some new lights which helpfully have powercon in and though connections. We haven't previously had much powercon equipment so have not got much cabling for it. I am looking to buy some combined powercon male-female and DMX leads to keep the cabling tidy but the cost is making my budget twitchy.


One of our suppliers lists Adam Hall Twist Power cables which look to be powercon clones without ever actually referring to powercon. Has anyone got any experience with non-Neutrik powercon equivalents? The saving is not huge, £5ish per lead, but it does add up to quite a lot for the quantity I'm looking at. Equally, are there any good, affordable suppliers of powercon that anyone would recommend?


We're a fairly low usage, low wear and tear place so they durability doesn't need to be tour grade but equally don't want to have to be continually repairing/replacing them.


What is the general feeling on this?



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I’ve been using the Chinese sourced ones for two years now and just one failure which was in a blue chassis mount where it just became loose after many insertions. The price of batches of these is very cheap and so far no arcing or other problems
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My experience has been similar to Paul. Well over 100 raw connectors bought and made into cables, and I can't remember a single failure.


One thing to bear in mind is that, compared to the originals, they won't put up with as much roughness during the assembly process - I think I wrote a couple off by cross-threading or chewing screw heads. However that won't be an issue if you are buying pre-made cables.


Adam Hall are a reputable supplier so I don't doubt that they'd deal with any problems that might emerge, so probably a better bet than random eBay or Amazon Marketplace sellers.

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