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MIDI input to Hog 4 Hedgehog


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The theatre we are hiring has a Hedgehog (10 masters).


I am trying to trigger cues from SCS using the MIDI connection (MIDI Show Control. The manual says (as the first step) "Connect the output end of a third party MSC device to the "MIDI In" port on the back of the console", but there is nothing resembling a MIDI input port (5 pins, in a circular plug) on the back of the console.


There are some oblong sockets, which are labelled with symbols like the old serial ports.


Any ideas?

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I thought you has to buy additional software for midi. Don't they call it a widget or similar.


Yes - thanks Robin and Gyro - I was mislead by the manual. I don't get to see the board until bump-in, and was working from the manual.


Apparently you need a "Hog USB MIDI/LTC Widget". Only another $900 purchase.

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You should be able to plug in any generic midi to USB device and do it that way. Usually the cheaper cable type ones that don't require any drivers work really well. I bought one for less than £5 years ago and it still works a treat!
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Thank you for your replies. The play is now over, and I used a sophisticated method of linking the boxes - an Operator. One hand for the sound and projections using SCS, the other for the Hog.


He did surprisingly well.


But I am still trying for future shows. The people at Hog can't tell me which USB to USB devices will work, or even if I should find one that works for Hog4PC whether it will work for the Hedgehog. (I don't want to spend $900)


I have bought a Datalink usb to usb, but I am fairly confident it won't work - it tries to run an exe file on each computer it is plugged into.


And again, we only get access to the board after bump-in unless we make special arrangements.


So if anyone can give me the name of a device that is known to work, I would be very grateful. (ed_id - I'll give you £5.50 for yoursrolleyes.gif).




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Glad it went OK ? This is the one I use




Discontinued but plenty kicking around on ebay for not a lot of money.

I've also got one of the cheap, generic cable based ones that works fine.

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