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Betapack 3 two dead channels?


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Hi! I have a betapack 3 where the first two channels don’t output at all. It’s wired with single phase input. I’ve ruled out the main triacs. There’s nothing obvious wrong. Any ideas? There’s a large component on the main pcb that there seems to be 3 of, looks a pain to change and I don’t know what it is but it seems possible. Anyone got any ideas?
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Channels are paired because of 3-phase support, so it will most likely be a component common to the first phase circuitry and hence the first pair of channels - possibly just the sync circuit, as if your other 4 channels are working, then the control circuitry also supplied from phase 1 must still be working ok. I'm not sure schematics are generally available (I don't have any, sorry) as this is still a current product line for Zero88, so:


Post on the Zero88 "Power" forum: https://zero88.com/f...forum/88-power/


Or better still give Keith a ring at Zero88, I'm sure he'll have you sorted in a jiffy: Keith Rogers +44 (0)1633 833101 KeithRogers at eaton.com

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It'll be the transformer for that pair of channels has failed - the Beta 3 was redesigned with transformers to replace the old sync resistors. It has the benefit that the rack will always work if there's a valid supply on any of the phase inputs.


The transformer is relatively easy to replace but the main board has to come out of the rack to do it - total time for the repair is about 30 minutes. Your local Zero88 dealer should be able to supply the replacement transformer if you feel competent de-soldering or you can let someone else repair it *whistles and points at his own profile* ;)

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You will find some 100k 1 watt resistors on the PCB. They go open circuit. Had many do this. Sorry, that was on the 2.


Certainly a possibility on the Betapack 1 or 2 but I’d follow Ian Knight’s comments for the 3. He knows ‘em...

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