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Grand MA2 Stage view beam reverse?


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Hey, so I'm new to MA2, and am using MA2 3.6 on an MA3 compact XT. Im building a stage plan (not layout view) and I've got the rig configured ok, however my problem is most of my moving lx have they beam pan inverted on the stage view. Ive tried flipping the light over, the tilt is fine just the pan is "inverted".


Ive tried inverting the pan of the fixtures but that just changed the actual fixture the beam flips too on stage view. Whilst this isn't a *giant* problem I'd like to rectify it! I saw a thread from a while ago on a similar topic but the solution offered there doesn't seem to help. It was to do with From Phys and To Phys but the supporting article telling me where to find these parameters had long since died.

Anyone got any ideas?

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You just want to rotate the fixture in the stage view rather than real life?


1) Go into the stage view

2) Tap setup in the top right of the screen

3) Tap ‘Position 1 of 2’ above the 4th encoder

4) Change the Rot X of the fixtures you need to flip



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