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Source of HT wire 1mm csa 25KV please


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As per title, can anyone point me in the direction of a source for some HT cable. It is for the lamp wires in some Clay Paky movers. The existing cable is single core double insulated, possibly silicone covered, very flexible, approx 1mm in CSA and able to withstand the high temperature of a discharge lamp . Not sure of the voltage rating but 25KV was mentioned. If anyone can confirm the strike voltage, that would be appreciated. I have looked at RS, CPC/Farnell and searched on line.
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HT wire


Available from fleabay. Other suppliers exist. The above is smaller than 1mm, but should be sufficient for the lamp current. 6Kv wire is thinner and easier to handle and probably adequate in practice, but the 40 Kv wire gives a larger safety margin.

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