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Just seen “Dial M for Murder” at the Norwich Theatre Royaland the show includes a strobe section which seemed to ignore all of the ABTTguidelines.


It ran for more than seven seconds, at more than fourflashes per second. They were out of synch, pointing at the audience and I didn’tsee any signs front of house.


Just wondered if there was an explanation.



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The guidelines are just that - a guide. There's no specific legislation covering the use of strobes - although in these litigious times in which we now live it would be wise to have some form of risk assessment and method statement documentation for occasions when strobes are used. However, pretty much any venue will adopt the strategy of putting up warning notices at all entrances into the auditorium if there's strobe lighting in a show.


(In fact, many of them now routinely warn against gunshots, pyro, smoke, loud noise, sexual references, etc. - sometimes I wonder whether they shouldn't just put a "no snowflakes" sign up on the doors and leave it at that laugh.gif)


Norwich Theatre Royal is a no.1 receiving house, so it surprises me very much that they don't deploy strobe signage. Haven't toured into there for many years, though, so I have no idea what their current policy is.

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