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Psychoacoustics with Barnaby Thwaites


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This month's LSA is – Psychoacoustics, the study of how humans perceive sound


Barnaby Thwaites and Britannia Row Productions presents Psychoacoustics, the study of how humans perceive sound.


This session starts with a detailed description of the human ear with particular reference to its properties that underscore our appreciation of music.


A number of key concepts are discussed, and demonstrated live using the presenter's original audio constructions including critical bandwidth, masking, beats, phantom tones, missing fundamental, pitch perception and autocorrelation, consonance/dissonance and directivity of sound.


Participants will experience intriguing auditory phenomena, helping to underscore understanding of some of the nuances of audio engineering.


Barnaby Thwaites has had a life-long and varied musical life from the age of 6 onwards. Most of his working career was spent in the NHS as a cardiologist, from which he escaped to pursue recording and mixing in his own studio, playing bass and singing in local bands, and developing a thoroughly healthy infatuation with analogue gear.


Psychoacoustic interest was triggered when considering why cardiology trainees found evaluation of heart sounds with a stethoscope so difficult. This has led to the conclusion that the ear is far more sophisticated than the heart, although deep down this conclusion is made somewhat reluctantly!


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