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OBY 3 Gobbledigook


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Hi members - a noobie here. I have two OBY 3 moving head devices which both work fine as in they each run through startup and test routines. I am able to cycle through the menu but when I reach Addr it comes up with a nonsensical number. Using the increment/decrement buttons produces other seemingly random displays - often not even numbers. Needless to say, they are not reachable from the DMX network because I can't set an address. Both devices are behaving exactly the same and I am hoping that one or more of the blue room's more knowledgeable members might point me to the answer or at least the next logical diagnostic move.



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Holding < and > while powering up does a factory reset apparently.


Having done that (if that does not fix it) I'd assume it's then at address 1, so you could count button presses to get to where you want......


Do they both display the same gobbledygook when you do this?

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