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Kabuki drops, smoke generator and rack mount


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Hopefully admin can jump this over to the free-ads page.

We just finished a small install and we have had some odd kit come back that we no longer need.

2x Nearly new heavy duty Magnetic-Shultz (Kabuki) 50KG magnetic release clamps. These things were expensive (£290+vat!). Used to release a painted backdrop.


Both 24v DC, and are set to channel 1. Both have truss clamps and a safety wire attached.


The 4 pin leads were left on the install, but I do have a single odd plug here that we used for bench testing. They were originally triggered from a 24v battery.

If you want leads, I have the details of the supplier in Surrey. Looking for £150 each or £280 the pair. They are heavy, so postage to sort out later.


Got other stuff to get rid of, but there is a limit to the free ads!

Message me for pictures or further infoThanks!

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