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LED Video Wall: Unilumin v's Gloshine


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Hi there,


I have been researching outdoor rental LED panels and, for now, have narrowed it down to Gloshine and Unilumin. I am interested to hear of anyone's experience of using LED panels from these manufacturers to assist with my buying decision. A bit more info;



I am considering the Utile III03


IP65 rated

500x1000 mm cabinets

3840 Hz frequency

4500 cd/sqm brightness

14 bit grey scale



Legend series


IP65 rates

500x1000 mm cabinets

3840 Hz frequency

4500-5000 cd/sqm brightness

14-16 bit grey scale

On paper they are both very similar. I am told that Unilumin is a "Tier 1" brand v's Gloshine's Tier 2 and their prices reflect this. Does the price also reflect the build quality and longevity of the product?

Unilumin have been more professional so far. They even have an office in London providing UK support and maintenance that Gloshine doesn't offer.

So, is Unilumin worth the price premium?

Would be great to hear from anyone with experience of these products.

Thank you.

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The other important thing to consider is where you can cross rent more of the same product, but ideally the same batch. You will need to cross hire more of the product to deliver larger jobs, so who will buy a the same time as you do?


The manufacturers can be a PITA changing the spec slightly so that even though they may be the same model, and possibly a matter of days apart of the production line, they will look different to your batch - things like the shader colour or design and the RGB values. So if you can find a partner to both buy from the same batch, then when you need to deliver a screen which incorporates the two owners panels they will look identical. Yes you can calibrate them to a certain extent, but it can be hard to get them spot on.


If you're going for a product for outdoor use, then you might find that 4500cdm2 doesn't quite cut it. We have a 6000cdm2 product and there are times when the sun can wash that out. But it depends on your intended uses.

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