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RCF JMIX 8 or equivalents


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Hi there,


I am novice in this area, learning quick, and need guidance as I am getting mixed messages when visiting AV shops.


I want to purchase speakers for outdoor use (think back garden, pub beer garden, hotel) and want something that is compact but going to offer sufficient output for anything from say 12 up to 150 people. Two main environments to work in. 1. Quiet setting whilst watching a movie, 2. Loud setting i.e. a party, whilst playing music.


I have been drawn to the RCF JMIX 8, about £875, and would use two of these. One shop said that will do the job, another says I'll need bigger than this and need to spend £4k, and another advised £9k on an array system!


Ideally, I want the speaker to be IP rated and weatherproof but have quickly realised this adds a lot of cost. I was thinking of making my own rainproof covers to use on active speakers.


I would be really grateful for some practical advice based on your experience please.


Thank you.

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Problem is: you can set a lower volume on a big system, but you can't set a high volume on a small system.You need a much bigger system outside than inside. The jmix just isn't going to work. Period.You might get away with double rcf evox12 or db technologies 1002/1203, if you wnat to stay with those kind of systems.I would give the db tech ingenia ig4t with enough sub a good look, or maybe good old jbl srx, or yamaha dsr or dzr.

I think the one with the 9k quote was nearest, although I have my questions about an array system for 9k.You also need to think about all other things required, like cabling, covers/flightcases, mixer etc. It adds up very quickly.

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Unless looking to permanently install outdoors, I would forget about the IP rating of the enclosures themselves and look to use with acoustically transparent (e.g. Austronet 204FR) jackets. We use these on our E8 boxes and they are amazing, leaving a totally dry box inside, despite being subjected to hours of rainfall.


When you say "active speakers", do you mean "powered speakers"? If so, then in one word, don't. An amplifier module built into a loudspeaker cabinet needs rear ventilation, as that's the only ventilation route. If you restrict this, you will quickly end up with thermal cutout (on a 'better' box) or possibly just a box on fire. Also, most powered boxes use an IEC60320-C14 connector or Powercon connector for the 230V, which is not suitably IP rated for outdoor use, where IP44 should be a minimum. Use unpowered boxes outdoors.


Don't believe most of what you are told in "AV shops" and "disco shops". You will generally be told what you want to hear and what they want to sell you, because it's been in the shop for a long time, or because the manufacturer is replacing it with something new. Forget "arrays", the shop staff like the word because they think it sounds cool, however they don't know the meaning, nor the science.


For the type of outdoor use you have described, your biggest battle for what you describe as the "loud setting" will be environmental. To be honest, you should get change from £4k on what really needs to be not much more than a mobile dj system, with some waterproof jackets. Perhaps a half decent single 18" sub and a pair of 12"+CD mid/tops, two reasonable amplifiers, cases & cables.

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"Back garden " & " pub beer garden" suggests fairly small spaces with other dwellings nearby, in which case the limiting factor for your party music is not p****ing off the neighbours. Bearing in mind that even a 50W boom-box 2 gardens away can be a real problem in the summer, a couple of 10" or 12" boxes on stands, or even on the ground, may be all you need. Totally concur with everything Tony says, except that I would omit the sub - thumping bass will really p*** off the neighbours. Of course if your back garden is a few hundred acres & your nearest neighbour is a few hundred yards away you could safely go for something a bit bigger :). If you have a reasonably local hire shop I would recommend hiring 1 or 2 speakers that interest you for a day, to see how big you need to go.
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