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Sub advice for wedding/function band


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Hi all,

So my wedding band has recently acquired the RCF 732A'S which are great and we're looking to add a sub or 2 to add some lowend. We're a 5 piece and everything goes through our XAIR18 mixer - Bass, guitar, vocals, drums etc.I've narrowed it down to the following...

1 x RCF 8003/8004-AS-II

1 x Yamaha DXS18XLF

2 x RCF 905-AS-II

I'm wondering if 1 x 18" will do us or would we better with 2x15" like the RCF 905? Our budget won't quite stretch to 2x18" at the moment. Typical venue size is around 75-150 people.


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Personally I don't like the sound of the 905. A bit hollow sounding. Not very good extended lows. Haven't heard the yamaha, but since the tops are rcf, I would stick with rcf.

I do know the 8004, as I have several of them. Killer sub. Used them several 100's of times now.I have heard the 8003-2, and it is also very good for the prise. I only heard then twice, but can recommend them as a budget choice.Both will produce dry, defined lowend. The 8003 has a stereo input, the 8004 hasn't, so 1 8004 would be a hassle to integrate in your system.

I also owned the rcf hd32 mk4, which is almost the same as the 732. The Hd32 will outrun a 8004, if that is of any concern to you. They coupled beautifully.

1 or 2? If I were you, I would start with one 8003, and get a second one when budget allows. If you can swing the extra money, get 2 8004. They are worth it. Maybe second hand is an option?


Also try to find a dealer and talk to them. You might be suprised what they can do with pricing. Get the covers!

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Are you ruling out second hand options? There are some nice old school subs out there for not a lot of money. I have 4 RCF ESW-1018's in my stock and they sound superb alongside my TT-22a tops. Not that I've ever found a venue that needed all 4! They weren't heaps of money. Obviously a passive sub would require external amp and crossover, but otherwise keep your eyes open.


Alternatively I've been really impressed by the FBT subs. I've been considering trading in the RCF's to save on some space and weight. They're definitely well worth looking at.




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