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Cd Players Clever Accoustics/Pulse


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I need to replace a Citronic USB/SD CD player that was too complicated and did not read some CDs reliably.


I am considering a Clever Accoustics or Pulse plasyer, they look very similar if not identical. I thing one has phonos as well as XLR outs the other only has XLRs.


I have also used this Teac CD player in some installations.


Has anyone used the first 2 players? Are they reliable, able to read different format CDs (As stated) and simple to use?


Other suggestions gratefully received , budget £150 plus VAT.

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We have two of the Pulse units. Like the others above me, no problems to report.


We're given the usual lamentable assortment of cheap, badly burnt CDRs, and I can't recall any failing. It also seems relatively resistant to skipping. We had one side by side with a much more expensive Sony player, and the Sony was skipping far more easily.

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That's interesting because I have always regarded the Sony units as the gold standard.


So they cope with most formats, e.g. WAV (I would hope so), WMA, MP3 ETC.?


From the picture it looks as though they do not have a Cue function. Is that correct?

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