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Iris and Orion 4 cells available


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Hi all,


taking up space in our store are seven x Strand Orion 4-cell groundrows and seven x Strand Iris 4-cell cyc floods


These are available for free for anyone who can get the transport to collect them. Collection has to be between 10am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday in mid Kent - afraid that's a limit of where that store is located and we can't change that


The Orions have their yoke bracket and the Iris have hanging points - all are currently terminated to bare end. I will be passing the store on Monday so will be checking if any still have lamps inside and how many units have safety bonds. They were electrically/mechanically maintained up to a few years ago when they came to store though they are all now out of date of any non-visual test.


The orions have a neat trick where they can be a rigid traditional groundrow unit or can hinge whilst in use (though can't easily be flown if doing this ...) and I'll note the Iris configuration is four in a line and not the more typically seen two x two cube


We would consider part-collection as an option if you didn't want all of them - we use them so infrequently now that we are valuing the space more than the units.


Thanks for reading

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