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RCF HD10a/702AS or FBT ProMaxx 110a/Subline 112sa vs Nexo PS8/LS400?


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I am currently using a Yamaha DXR15/QSC KW181 system for live music but am moving towards doing sound for smaller events and am looking to scale down my PA. I've been looking around and am very interested in the RCF HD10a/702AS and FBT Promaxx 110a/Subline 112sa systems and am wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with these?

Another option I'm considering is picking up a secondhand Nexo PS8/LS400 system but prefer the convenience of having an active system as I don't really want to carry extra hassle of setting up the separate amp and processor.


The types of gigs I'll be doing are for live jazz and smooth soul type acts for around up to 200 people. I've been doing this successfully with a single pair of Yamaha DXR15's and regularly run upright or electric bass, guitars, keys, vocals kick drum and even fully miked kits on occasions. However, I am starting to find the DXR's really heavy to lift onto the tripods. Also, I would expect having separate 10" tops and 12" subs would be a step up in efficiency, clarity and depth of bass.


Has anyone had any experience with either the RCF, FBT and/or Nexo system? What are your thoughts on one of these options for live acoustic music

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