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KAM800 hazer

Neil Hampson

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I have seemingly killed our community venue’s hazer. The heater is clear and I can push fluid through and the air pump works. I’m sure the pump has gone but I do need to test if it will run on mains on its own. I can find loads of the big 48wcoffee machine unit but this is physically a smaller unit. Does anyone have a source? I can’t see a part number until it’s stripped down thanks in advance
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Given the type of equipment it probably uses a standard solenoid pump like this:-


Generic eBay solenoid pump.


These pumps jam all the time. Usually when stored for a while.


What liquid did you use in it? I'm pretty sure that model uses glycol/glycerine based fluid, so using the wrong fluid is not usually going to harm the pump unless you use an oil based liquid which can cause issues with pump seals. If you did use oil based haze fluid then you could try stripping and cleaning the pump.


This video may help:-

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Thanks Clive, I'll take the thing apart and see if it simply needs cleaning. I did find a couple of reference numbers on the back later on last night and it appears to be one of these: Coffee Pump eBay


The one you linked to is much cheaper though and probably has the same life expectancy. I hadn't realised the little component was a diode, I thought it was an in-line fuse, so that explains that one as well.

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Well, As Clive suspected the pump was jammed up, the O-ring seal was very tight against the piston, most probably swelled up as Clive suggested. I didn't have a new o-ring to suit and as I have ordered a new pump anyway I opened up the O-ring recess a little with a blade and that allowed the piston to move fairly freely again while still maintaining a seal. It has worked for the two days of performances across the weekend so once the new replacement pump is fitted, back to normal.
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