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High Quality Silent Disco Systems


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Hi all,


We have been involved with providing kit for a art project that includes the use of silent disco headsets. There will be a mix of audio coming from some kind of playback and also two live actors (on headsets).


The feedback that we have had from them is that the silent disco headsets were poor audio quality. A quick google doesn't find me any others that fill me with hope of a higher quality system.


We have already quoted for an IEM system, FM transmission etc but it will end with around 100 receivers so the silent disco route looks to be the most cost effective for them.


Are there any more reputable brands/hire companies who can provide higher quality systems. Preferably not in the CH70 band too?


Many thanks,

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I went to couple of immersive exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert not so long ago, both involving wearing wireless headphones. They both provided a great hi-fi experience, Pink Floyd with a Sennheiser system, I'm afraid I can't remember what was used for the Opera Passion Power and Politics but I thought it was a bit better.
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