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RF planning with multiple manufacturers


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Please excuse the potentially simple question - this is my first foray into proper RF planning.


I’m preparing for an event where we’ll be using all of our own radio mics and hiring in a load of extras. Ours are a mixture of Sennheiser ew100 and MiPro ACT 7 series, all to be used in ch38 as we do usually. The hired ones are all Sennheiser ew300 and I plan to use them in ch38 and ch40 (which we’ve licensed).


My question is, given the fact we’ve got the MiPros (previously rebadged by Beyerdynamic) in the setup, is there anything that can be taken from the spec sheets linked below which will confirm if we can or can’t just use the Sennheiser bank 7 frequency set. I would try to use a software tool, but the MiPros aren’t popular enough to be in their list of possible systems to include.


Put another way, can I just treat the MiPros as if they were Sennheisers?






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Put another way, can I just treat the MiPros as if they were Sennheisers?




In Professional Wireless's IAS software both are available. All the settings for spacing and IM avoidance are the same for both, so yes. This assumes the frequency steps are the same.



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