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VJ's/Video Techs required

Ian Bingo

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Hi all,

I'm looking for freelance VJ's/Video techs to expand our pool of freelancers. The show uses Resolume to feed visuals for interactive rock'n'roll bingo events. Based in Liverpool, we currently run shows in 16 towns & cities around the UK, as well as Ibiza, France, Australia and the USA. We are looking to expand into more cities and venues over the coming months and will require additional techs to cope with the additional shows.

Must be fully competent in operating Resolume with a strong technical background and a willingness to learn the show and how it operates, as well as being able to cope with working on the fly during the show. This is not your standard cue-to-cue show, and a level of creativity (as well as a sense of humour) is required!

Pay is a £150 day rate per show, plus travel.

For anyone interested please email me with a CV to: ian@bongosbingo.co.uk




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