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ADAT with DM3200


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Hello good folks of BR.


I am attempting to connect a behringer ADA8200 8ch digital preamp to a Tascam DM3200 via ADAT. I want to get the 8 digital inputs from the preamps working with channels 17 - 24 on the DM.


I have the out of the preamp going to the in of DM and the out of the DM going to the in of the preamp. Preamp is set to ‘ADAT in’ (slave to DM word clock).


I have a mic plugged into channel 1 on the preamp. With stereo master turned up on DM and gain turned up on the preamp, I have sound through the speakers. However, I have no control with channel faders (or any other controls) on the DM for this mic. All I can do is affect volume by adjusting gain on the preamp.


Please can someone advise the appropriate routing settings on the DM to allow full control over the 8 digital inputs across channels 17 - 24?



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I’d done a batch setting on the channel input source routing and it had tried to patch all 8 ADAT channels to one channel on the mixer. Redid it manually, patching it one to one, two to two etc, rebooted the desk and hey presto - Robert’s your mother’s brother.
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