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Syncing flashing to audio


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I would like some advice on how to get the result I’m after.


Background: I have a show where I need to flash certain channels very fast and accurate. Shots being fired and machine gun.
At our house I have the show running with no problems. I use QLab3 to send OSC commands to our ETC Element to flash a SUB.
This is a traveling show and I can’t have our ETC with us. I will have to use Chamsys MagicQ. This doesn’t behave the same. I have to send 2 OSC commands to flash on and flash off. And it’s not always that accurate or doesn’t fire at all. Used the same router as for ETC.
At the moment I’m testing with MagicQ on laptop and miniwing. On shows I have a real console.

Problem is that the fixtures will change from venue to venue so programming a lot of cues on MagicQ would mean lot’s of editing. 

Number of shots: about 50 with time between shots to 0.11 Sec to 0.17 Sec. Sometimes there are about 1 Sec pauses between bursts. And 9 shots with time between them 0.8 Sec to 1.5 Sec. A couple of one time shots that I can do manually.


How would you do it with MagicQ?

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Yes indeed.

But as I don't have Nomad that’s my first problem.

Local house console is Chamsys. As I don't have usually time to rehearsal in the receiving house I like to have a fader under my finger do dim things down (usually) on the fly. That's why I have Miniwing also. It was cheaper do buy and it has faders. I would use ETC EOS line in theatres if I had the money. If I could use to unlock Nomad with my Response 4port gateway it would be awesome. That's the downside of ETC, that you need to have the key. It should be hardware related.


What I discovered is that MagicQ freezes on PC and MAC for couple ms every now and then. I think this is the issue and is related to the fade timing also, when you have 30 sec fade and in reality, it will be something like 33-35 sec. Maybe that's the issue sending lots of OSC commands. Is there a limit on how often may I send a command without flooding the network/console? I have separate network for that.

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