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LED Profiles - beam flatness

J Pearce

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I've got 4 halls full of ETC S4 Lustrs, and whilst they are quite lovely they do drive me up the wall a bit when it comes to focusing.


They seem to have a perfectly scientifically ruler flat beam. No variation at all from sharp edge to centre to sharp edge. This is great for specials and gobo washes, but less ideal for getting a nice smooth front wash. I am really missing the facility to peak the field to get a nice handover from one unit to the next. They've all got ETC zoom lenses on, which aren't known for their soft focus ability.


I'd like to avoid frost if I can, especially in the big hall where it's a good 30-40m throw to the stage. Anyone got any other ideas on how to get a more peaked field, like I could easily get by adjusting the peak field on a tungsten profile?

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Have you tried a Smooth Wash Diffuser?


"To reduce edge effects and provide better overlap when using the fixture for wash, use a smooth wash diffuser. The Smooth Wash Diffuser is used when extra-smooth blending of multiple Source Four LED fixtures is required. The smooth wash diffuser is placed into the gel-frame slot of the lens tube."


This isn't the same as the Soft Focus diffuser that fits in the gate, these are a type of frost that go in the gel-frame slot, different sizes for different slot sizes, as you'd expect.



S4LED-SFD Source Four LED - Soft Focus Diffuser (included with the S4 LED)

S4LED-SWD6 Source Four LED - Smooth Wash Diffuser for 6.25” gel frame slots

S4LED-SWD7 Source Four LED - Smooth Wash Diffuser for 7.5” gel frame slots

S4LED-SWD12 Source Four LED - Smooth Wash Diffuser for 10° lens tubes

S4LED-SWD14 Source Four LED - Smooth Wash Diffuser for 5° lens tubes

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This video looks at ETC's Smooth Wash Diffusers, a "holographic diffuser", a diffusion accessory specifically designed to work with the Source Four LED™



Google "holographic diffuser" for more information on what they are, what they do, and how they work.

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