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HSL woes


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Just saw this statement from HSL, had no idea they were having issues. Hope they sort it out and keep everyone employed - looks ominous though.




To all who are being affected by the situation we now find ourselves in and to all the individuals and companies that have been affected by the decisions I have made, may I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the consideration you have given HSL as a company, my team, which is my family, and myself for the hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls offering support above and beyond any of my expectations. “I am truly humbled” is the only way I can describe how I feel, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


There is so much I want and need to say to all of you and in the fullness of time I will make a further statement, but at present as you can appreciate, my current focus has to be on every family member - be it staff, suppliers and customers - in order to find a positive solution to the current situation.


At this moment, I am still in control of the situation and with your help and support I know I can stay in control and find a solution that works for each and every one of us within the next seven to fourteen days. For those companies and individuals that do not know how my involvement with HSL first started, and how I found myself in the same situation in 1996 and how I find myself again in the same situation in 2019, below is a link to an article written by an industry professional about HSL for you to understand why this company is so very very special, and as I have said before, you all mean the world to me.


So far, in nearly 31 years, I have been able to say that I have never stolen, lied, deceived, or not paid a single person and I will come out of this period being able to say those exact words to you all again. Rest assured my team and I are working nonstop to provide the solution that is right for us and right for every single person involved in this dark period of time. As stated before, we are currently in control of HSL, but if we lose this control it means I can’t repeat the solutions provided in previous years. We are planning right now to quickly restructure the company, whilst looking after not only HSL and its team, but all of you, and we are going to do it in a way that is sustainable and will allow the HSL family to continue to play an active supportive and caring role to you all in future years.


With this in mind I ask you all not to consider action against HSL that would force me to protect HSL immediately and place it out of my control with a mechanism that is available within law. If this were to happen, I can no longer offer my heart, soul and last breath to prevent any one of you suffering a penny loss. I am available to talk through, reassure or be chastised by each and every one of you, my number and email are below and I will respond to each and every one of you hour by hour, but please bear in mind I have a mountain to climb on everybody's behalf and I hope you understand I may not be able to answer the phone at the point you ring me but I will call - email - text back each and every one of you as soon as humanly possible.


So, to conclude this brief statement for those still in doubt, we still need your orders and work, so please pick up the phone as we are open as usual, we are not in administration but we do need your continued support.


This is going to be made public across the world as those of you that know me, know I have nothing to hide and whilst this is not the normal process for a company to follow, it can be said this is not a normal industry......and this is me.


I really do love and care for you all.







P.S. It’s not over till the fat bearded lady sings.....

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Keep up, hsl bought by US company 4wall a few weeks after that post in March.


I knew about 4 Wall, saw it in LSI, just never knew about the troubles. Again, hats off to them for being honest as my company previously got knocked by so many going out of business, always after a huge event or big payment they received.

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