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Audio Technica foam shields ATM89R


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I've got a client after a fair few of these internal pop filters for the ATM89R, AT say they're discontinued...after waiting since last October for the order to arrive.


Just wondering if anyone can suggest a similar alternative foam, say from a headworn mic that would fit.

Originally they come glued to a diecast slip-on frame, but we have those and can always glue something over.


Size of the foam itself is O.D 24mm, I.D 17mm, overall length 30mm.


I've had a look on ebay but they all have very small I.ds (eg 8mm) that won't fit the little frames.





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I have had some success opening up the hole by slowly offering the foam shield to the tip of a hot soldering iron. Care is needed not to touch the foam with the tip otherwise it ruins a good tip.

Clearly you need a suitable size foam shield to start with.




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