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"Line Dryer" - Line Level output from Comms circuit


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I know that you can create your own but I wanted to see if anyone makes a simple box that can strip the power from a comms circuit so I can pipe it into a console/shout box?


I've had a few visiting friends from the US who have nicely built boxes but I am struggling to find ones in the UK.


I know that people like Tecpro make aux in and out adaptor boxes but they are much more expensive and bulky.


Something like the below:

http://www.professionalsound.com/specs/barrels.htm - Line Drying


http://avlifesavers.com/ccint.htm - Intercom audio interface


Thanks all,

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If you just want an output, you do not need a box, just connect to pins 1+3 of the comms loop.

It would be advisable to put a 1uF capacitor in series with pin 3 since you get a DC voltage on this pin when the call light is used. You could fit this in the XLR plug.

If going into a desk I would also connect via a passive/transformer DI box to give electrical isolation between the comms and the desk since comms systems can be funny about stray earths.


It's only if you need to put audio onto the comms line that you need some electronics involved.


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