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Pyro Storage - Plug In Cartridges


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Just a quick note about storing your unused pyro (predominately Theatrical Flash and Silverstar) before the next time you need to use them...


We all know about the requirement to store devices within the original UN transport packaging (as supplied) but it might assist the longevity of the 'USE BY' dates to give them a little shake and ensure the internal boxes are stored horizontally rather than on their sides or ends.


We say this only as we annually collect faulty and out of date pyro from venues (to dispose of or to show reason for use by dates on pyro courses) and upon investigation, have noted (as per photo) that the powders seem to solidify into lumps (hydroscopic: draw in moisture/water) rather more readily when stored against the paper top. this could possibly occur if the units were stored upside down too.


So... all that to say, keep your cartridges 'fresh' by a gentle shake (maintenance program : once in a while) and store them horizontally.


This could, of course, be a whole load of nonsense but if you have a spare box or two, you may wish to experiment and store one upside down and one as described and see which one is still good to go 'next' pantomime season and which one is full of lumpy bits!


Stay safe


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