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EV ZX5's


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Hi, I've picked up a pair of used EV ZX5's and they just don't seem as loud as they should be for the power I'm running into them, around 600w RMS from a Dynacord Powermate 600-3

I'm used to these speakers as my other pair have been my main work horse for over 5 years and they are loud but these just don't seem to be cutting it to the point that my friend commented the other night in a venue we play regular... "is it me or does it not seem very loud tonight" so I'm not imagining it.


Taken them apart today and woofer is correct model and doesn't appear to have been reconed, horn diaphragm appears genuine EV and the correct impedance as there are 2 versions of the ND2 diaphragm.

Protection fuses/lamps are ok. Can't see any dry solder joints etc on the crossover boards and everything looks in good shape.


So before I start substituting parts with my other pair has anyone come across this before and/or got any other thoughts?


Thanks :-)

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Have you done a direct A/B test, with the same amplifier and cabling?


Apart from different impedance, I'm struggling to think of anything else in the loudspeaker cabinet itself that would make it sound quieter but with the quality intact. It's more likely to be something else in the signal chain.


One possibility might be a polarity reverse somewhere - a miswired speaker cable is all it would take.

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Thanks for the replies.... These are identical ZX5s to my other pair except the cabinet is white instead of black.

Everything suggested above I have checked.

I'm running them using the same setup entirely and today done an A/B side by side test and they are quieter so I'm a bit baffled to be honest. My old boxes take your face off if you walk in front of them when pushing them hard, these are loud but noticeably down and why are both boxes the same.

As soon as I get chance I'm going to do some transplanting because this is so strange!

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Just an update on this, it seems I have an intermittent amplifier fault that amazingly only happened when I was using the new (to me) white ZX5s as I've since been out with my original black ones in venues I'm used to working in on a regular basis and found I'm lacking in power... but it is intermittent.


I only ever wanted an easy life... :** laughs out loud **:

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