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Using Haze Machine as Low Lying Fog Machine

Martin Lepley

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As I am part of an Amateur theatre group. We are always keen to keep costs down.


We have a Haze machine but I need a low lying Fog effect.


Can I take my Haze machine, use Fog liquid and pass it through a home made cooler to give a low lying fog effect?


My Haze machine is a : PFX700H Club Mist 700 Haze Machine.


Many thanks

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It won't work because haze is much, much smaller droplets that you can see through - as in haze. Fog is a much denser and whiter effect altogether, so haze is useless as a fog - either one thing or the other really - hence why people have a hazer for see through light mist that's almost invisible but shows up light beams, and a smoke machine that looks like, well, fog.
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