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Digital preamps


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Hi sound heads,


Got a Tascam DM3200, which I’d like to expand via digital preamps. The DM has two tdif I/Os and one ADAT. Now, something like the Behringer ADA8200 would be ideal (this gives you an idea of my budget) BUT with only one ADAT I/O I could only fit one meaning 24 inputs, not 32. SO, does anyone know if there is an equivalent to the ADA8200 that has tdif? OR are there other options I’ve not considered?


For context, this is for a smal College theatre.





Edit: also, should’ve mentioned - I’m a little down on the terminology for the digital realm so please forgive my inevitable newbie questions that will likely follow any responses to this

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Tascam also made the IF-TAD TDIF to ADAT convertor which might be useful as it would allow you to use another ADA8200 with the system. The Tascam convertor goes both ways so you could use both the inputs and outputs on the ADA8200. There's also one on Ebay right now.
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