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Graphic Tablet / Magic Sheet


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One of the Theatres I work in now has an ETC Expresion 3, which replaced the LEE Colortran board which used to be there. The Colortran had a magic sheet which was very useful for the LD for plotting. Is such a thing available for the ETC Expression series?


If not, any ideas on an alternative?

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Dear Jamie,


The ETC Expression 3 does have such a function, which is called Designer's Worksheet. You can use it control subs, GM etc remotely from the desk, and also use it to fire off macros which are prewritten in the desk.


Depending on which size Digitizer you get, you can do more or less with it. The bigger version allows you to do everything, the smaller one you can choose between more subs or more macros etc etc.


Not something I've used on ours much so I recommend a read of the manual (pg.315 in the PDF version) or a call to the very nice people at ETC UK.


Hope this helps, and good luck.



PS. Is this at the Nuffield?

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Yes, The Nuffield indeed, not much in the way of theatres to choose from in the Southampton area, ** laughs out loud **!


I shall trawl their website for some information. Cheers.




(jamienip is a nickname) :blink:

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