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New PA for Arts college


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Long time reader of the forums but never got around to registering.


I'm responsible for re-fitting the sound equipment in an Arts College in the North East of England. My only experience with PA has been with a NEXO system, the hire company I used to work for used PS15 and LS1200's. I want to suspend 4 small cabs with 2 subs on the floor for theatre, concert and rock and roll gigs (the suspension is due to no floor space, and the hanging points being ideal), cab size and weight is an issue so I was thinking along the lines of using 4 PS10s with appropriate subs and controller etc.


Can anyone suggest any alternative? I know the PS10's will sound good (The hall is around 60ft long and 25ft high, with tiered seating taking up the rear 30ft or so). Any suggestions welcome and much appreciated!

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hey stu,


The nexo gear will sound amazing. Depending on where you are, it might be worth popping down to virgin megastore on oxford street.


Downstairs, there live PA is 4 x flown PS10's with 4 LS1200's. It sounds huge and great: but it isn't a big space. Bear in mind that they also have pro engineers and pro bands.


You'll need to look at the dispersion you need, especially if the tiered seating will be used.


There are a number of people on here that will give you idea's for gear in the next few hours im sure


EDIT: just noticed your in the north-east. V.mega proberly not realistic... :(

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If youre looking at having bands run through your system, I'd rather see PS15's, or at least 12" drivens, I know NEXO dont make 12's however. PS10's although a lovelly cabinet for playback and corperate stuff is not really suited to bands, and believe me I've tried! Still would suit any theatre though!


Why not fly the PS10's as fills and have a pair of 15's on wall brackets, one each side of the stage to give the system some for bands and the like, keeping the subs somewhere too, easily hidden under the stage.


We have ours flown at the back of the stage, the sound is huge!

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