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Directing light from floods


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I bought new lamps for the 400W halides and got 4000K which was the warmest I could get (without going to the 'warmth' of sodium)


The speaker had a preliminary visit to check lighting levels and he's very happy but it just doesn't look very pokey to me.


Going back tomorrow armed with a van full of stands, barn doors, silver spray paint and the like.

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In the end I bodged with some old 243 barn doors and sprayed the inside of the leaves silver. It actually didn't do a bad job, rather than using the barn doors to shutter the edge of the beam, when you moved the silver barn door you could see it was creating a reflection with a hard edge / bright spot. By focusing the leaves and lining up the barn doors so I had all 4 hotspots off each barn door in the centre I reckon I could lift the light by about 10-15% which was better than nothing, it was a visible difference




As the weather forecast was good I took two followspots and hit the big end window with 2x spots, one each side of the car park

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