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Supply problems for JBL parts


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Hi All,


Someone is offering me a JBL Eon 315 with a (it sounds like) a blown HF diaphragm for £50.00


I've been researching the HF driver diaphragm which according to the user manual is a 2414H-1.


I've emailed, Studiospares, BlueAran & Soundtech (UK JBL distributors) but have had no luck:


BlueAran said "JBL isnt well supported in the UK, it seems every time we ask for a price, it goes up, and we have to wait forever for stock, so we just gave up."

I've had no response from Studiospares & Soundtech - so far.

It appears that the diaphram is available on eBay but I'm not convinced of it's providence (Chinese knock-off)

Do you have any thoughts on this?


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The ebay ones will be knock offs, though its impossible to judge them without trying them! I have clients who have used chinese JBL 'pattern' parts without problems.

I would try and ring SoundTech, they will give you the definitive answer on availability. AFAIK retailers like Thomann will also carry them.


Reminds me of the time a JBL cab appeared on ebay with a clearly described fault and a customer asked me to price up the part 'before he bid on the item'. Soundtech told me it was about the 30th enquiry for the same part they'd had on that day!

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