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Img Stageline STA-322 Amplifier

Robin D

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This is a lump of a power amp. (22kg) The cover rates it at 1200W. but the full specs are:


Output power RMS according to IEC 65 and IEC 1305

Stereo 4 Ω: 2 x 400 W

Stereo 8 Ω: 2 x 300 W

Bridged 8 Ω: 1 x 800 W

Max. output power: 1 x 1200 W

Inputs: 0.775 V/20 kΩ

Frequency range: 10 – 20 000 Hz

Low Cut filter: 25 Hz/-3 dB

S/N ratio: > 60 dB

Crosstalk: > 35 dB

THD: < 0.5 %

Power supply: 230 V~/50 Hz/1500 VA

Ambient temperature: 0 – 40 °C

Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 138 x 450 mm,

Weight: 22 kg


Manual can be browsed at https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1106841/Img-Stage-Line-Sta-322-B.html#manual. The English is at the bottom of pages 1 to 7.


I've had it a while (15 years perhaps?) but now do not have speakers to drive it with so its sat in my store unused for several years. It's got a bit of paint missing round the rack mount slots but otherwise OK. I've run it up to test it into a couple of old Celestion hi-fi speakers and it worked fine at low levels.


It's at my home 8 miles west of Ipswich. I'm happy this goes to a good home so anyone doing stuff for charity or other good cause can have it for the cost of shipping. Or I may be able to deliver the week after next somewhere en-route from Ipswich to Derbyshire and onto Lincoln. Note that there is no flight case.


If no-one with a good cause wants it, happy to sell it for say £25 and donate the money to a charity.


PM me here if interested. Thanks .... Robin

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