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Amplifier fault


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I have a quite old, but rather nice (IMHO) Ramsa 400x400 MOSFET power amp that is retired from gigging but I have setup at home.


Recently, on switching on, the RH channel has taken to making lots of loud(ish) crackling noises. Unaffected by connections (apart from the fact the noise is coming from the speaker....) or position of the attenuator. It is definitely the amp and not the speaker.

After 5-10 minutes the cracking will stop. While it is crackling the channel otherwise works normally, so with loud music it will partly drown out the crackles! :rolleyes:


I've tried waggling internal connections, cleaning plugs etc and tapping the PCB to no avail.

As it stops after a while - only to return when powering up again a day or so later - it must be temperature related to some extent.


Is it likely to be capacitors? Does it need a recap? I think it's unlikely the PSU as (I'd need to double check in case I'm losing it..) it is a single PSU shared by both channels - Huge TX and huge caps :D


Any thoughts gratefully received.

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