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Electric curtain winch for sale


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I have a Harkness Hall tab winch for sale. It was used for a few years in the 1990s but has been in storage since. It cost well over £1,000 when new.


This is an excellent piece of kit and is perfect for a small theatre or a school stage with a curtain track up to 10 metres. It comprises a drum with a helical wire guide, motor, gear box and control unit. It's currently on a steel frame but can be mounted on a wall or directly to the floor.


The control unit has been fitted with additional relays so it can be remotely operated, as well as having open, close and stop buttons on the unit itself. It has fully adjustable limit switches. Note that this sale is just for the winch - the steel wire and track-mounted pulleys will need to be sourced separately (eg from Flints). It was originally used to open a large pair of curtains in a visitor experience.


I'm certain someone must have a use for this unit! I'm looking for £100 for it.


Please message me if you would like to see some pictures, and the unit itself is available for inspection/testing in Battersea, SW London.

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