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Would I... Could I.... Can I....???

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I'm lookin to buy a new laptop to replace seriously outdated desktop pc. I would very much like a DMX dongle/card... it would make life alot easier! what I'm wonderring is should I go for an onboard one or a pluggy inny one?? I've heard the onboard one's can actually frazzle your comp... is that just someone misleading me?? also which manufacturer would be best?? I haven't got a clue which one to buy!!


anyone shed any LIGHT (hehe!) on the matter??


cheers steve

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I wasn't aware that anyone made internal DMX cards for laptops... which one to buy depends on what you age going to use it for I guess, if it's a cheap control desk you want then the sunlite system is pretty good - it's got a usb interface as well.





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