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Strand GSX/LBX Scematics


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Does anyone have the schematics for the GSX/LBX era strand consoles?


They shared a number of "tiles" of controls. I have a cattled LBX which is being kept for spares (we still use at least 2 GSX on small shows) but it would be interesting to see how difficult it would be to interface a fader tile to an aduino or teensy.



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I found a test manual for the MX which uses the same panels as far as I can tell, which has confirmed some of my initial guesses, insofar as it uses CMOS analogue multiplexers (these, BTW, are a convenient way to implement a matrix keyboard using only 3 control lines - Reset, Clock and Data). It also appears to use a dedicated off the shelf keyboard/display control chip, but whether there is one per panel or a shared one on the main PCB I haven't yet ascertained.


EDIT: Now I've read the manual, it has circuit diagrams. Although they're for the MX, from my point of view this may suffice, as the fader panels are what I'm interested in.


I found the manual on the Theatrecraft site. My thanks to the curators.

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Just purchased an used GSX with leaky battery. Replaced battery but 'Vref Error' does not go away. When I confirm, the desk will work fine. It also keeps patching and cues when powered off, but date/time resets after some time.
I assume that the acid destroyed one or more tracks on the pcb. So a schematic of this section would be very helpful.
I've tried the mail mentioned above but it bounces back.

Any help would be appreciated.

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