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Portable 4G Wifi Setup

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This can be done but it is not cheap and you need your own or a shared datacentre to put the hub kit in. The kit we use is from Viprinet. It can bond up to four 4G connections. But it has some very serious limits -

  1. You need a remote unit and a hub unit as it provides a VPN back to the hub. There are seriously rugged remote units that will run from batteries for hours.
  2. You need an leased line to the internet at least twice the size of all of your VPN back to the hub.
  3. You need a contract sim with 4 different mobile providers per remote unit otherwise all that happens is you run out of bandwidth from the one telco. Been there told our customer that it would happen and they didn't believe me and then it bit them.
  4. You need very deep pockets to buy it.

You may be able to run the remote Viprinet router without the VPN but this is something that we have never tried.


If you are prepared to use some cheaper kit and have 'hotspots' dotted around that will provide up to approx. 20Mb/s then you can use something like HPE Aruba Instant Access Points. Some of there IAPs will take 3G/4G USB dongles and use that as a backhaul to the Internet. I've used an IAP-205H with the desktop stand and a mains PSU and got a good 19Mb/s of VPN throughput back to our datacentre - they don't have to VPN but that was what we needed. The 205H and it's successor the IAP-303H have the bonus of ethernet ports that can be used as well.






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